We just turnet TWO! 🎂

We are proud of what those two past years have entailed, and we are even more motivated and excited about our success in the coming years.

Above all, we would like to express our gratitude to our partners for their confidence in our project, since its birth.
Besides, thanks to our staff for its enthusiasm and hard work.

All together, our young startup will sure get very far.

17/09/2022. BARCELONA.

Interview with QUSTom partner Susana Castel

"We need more women leaders in science. Many women are working in science (although the number is still too low), but the responsibilities in science, as in business or politics, are not usually in the hands of women".

Watch the interview by QUSTom

14/09/2022. BARCELONA.

We are glad to welcome Laura Monlleó to our team,
as an Ultrasound Data Analyst!

Another added value to our Company, focused on providing a 3D ultrasound supercomputing software for breast cancer imaging.

25/07/2022. BARCELONA.

Frontwave Imaging attended the International Workshop on Medical Ultrasound Tomography (MUST2022), held in Teddinton (London) from June 27th to 29th

It has been the perfect occasion to meet in person with colleagues from all over the world after three years of online events due to COVID-19 restrictions, and to discuss and exchange new ideas amongst the growing ultrasound tomography community.

During those three days we had the chance to have a closer look at the latest advances in ultrasound computed tomography (USCT), including theory and practical application of image reconstruction and calibration algorithms, signal and image processing, image analysis and evaluation as well as system and transducer design and clinical application of ultrasound tomography.

This year´s invited speakers were: Nicole Ruiter from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), Jeroen Tromp from Princeton University (USA), James Wiskin from QT Imaging (USA) and Jeroen Veltman from University of Twente (Netherlands). A very enriching experience!

27 - 29/07/2022. LONDON.

We are glad to welcome Manuel Frias to our team,
as Junior Software Engineer!

We keep building a great team for a pioneering software solution, that will transform breast cancer detection, screening and monitoring.

15/07/2022. BARCELONA.

El proyecto europeo QUSTom permite realizar mamografías sin rayos X

La iniciativa, coordinada por el Barcelona Supercomputing Center, avanza en las imágenes creadas por ultrasonidos.

Ver artículo en La Vanguardia

16/06/2022. BARCELONA.

Primera ronda de financiación cerrada con éxito

Estamos muy orgullosos de haber completado nuestra primera ronda de financiación en sólo 5 días.

Muchas gracias al equipo de Capital Cell por vuestro apoyo y, sobre todo, muchas gracias a todos los inversores que habéis creído en nosotros y en nuestro proyecto. ¡No os defraudaremos!

Ver vídeo de Frontwave Imaging

21/09/2021. BARCELONA.
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